SeaCode encourages people to share their workplace problems

SeaCode is an online platform for people in the maritime industry facing difficult situations at work, ashore & offshore, – such as harassment, discrimination and mental health struggles.

The platform enables people to share their problems anonymously. They will be listened to and change will come from people sharing their stories. That’s because SeaCode aggregates people’s experiences into a data set, used to understand the types and frequency of problems faced in the maritime industry.

The data is then given to industry leaders who will use it to compel change.

People are allowed to share their experiences publicly and read other people’s experiences on SeaCode website. SeaCode believes that people should comprehend that they are not alone and don’t have to cope by themselves. It provides resources for people to educate themselves and links to useful organisations who can provide support.

In November 2020, SeaCode won the Women in Maritime Labs Hackathon hosted by BW LNG, Hafnia and Shell. SeaCode is the result of industry collaboration, including SheFarers – a voluntary Turkish mentoring platformand Ivory, - a Singaporean-based start-up.

On behalf of SeaCode,  Ms Sanjam Gupta, Founder, Maritime SheEo requests the industry to support this initiative which can go a long way to promote working environment on board ships that is devoid any harassment and bullying by bringing to light real stories of seafarers.

Change is hard, but it needs to happen fast. To get involved as an ambassador for SeaCode – to help us spread the word and encourage people to share their experiences – please email us at


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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