Nigeria unveils $195 million for Deep Blue programme

To spearhead the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and restore sanity to their waters, the Nigerian government has unveiled $195 million for the ‘Deep Blue programme’.

This will enable security forces to patrol the waters off the country’s coast more effectively and restore confidence to all vessels operating in the area. Nigeria borders on an expanse of the Atlantic Ocean that’s become the most perilous part of the world for sailors, accounting for almost all kidnappings at sea in recent years.

Welcoming the Nigerian announcement, Mr Chirag Bahri, Director of Regions, ISWAN said, “Nigeria has announced a significant investment in the military and law enforcement infrastructure to combat the maritime piracy and security in the region. This has come at a critical time, when the piracy incidents in the Gulf of Guinea have seen an upward increase last year. The International Maritime Bureau has reported a hundred and thirty kidnappings in the Gulf of Guinea region. This affects the trade and seafarers who transit such waters regularly.”

“We hope that with this project the law enforcement agencies, industry and NGOs will come together to share the information, knowledge and reach a common objective to safeguard this region,” concluded Mr Bahri.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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