Shipping – The backbone of International Trade

On 30th June, AMET University Nautical Science Department organised a national virtual conference titled Shipping – The backbone of International Trade. It witnessed the confluence of stalwarts from shipping industry. It’s main aim was to bring to the fore, indispensible contribution of the shipping industry to sustain global trade and deliberate on contemporary issues impact on shipping.

Capt K Karthik, Dean and Head of the Nautical Science department welcomed the gathering and expressed his appreciation to all the invited guest and participants for their wonderful response by way of contribution through expert lectures and presentation of research papers. He also thanked the guidance and support extended by Dr J Ramachandran Chancellor, AMET university and Col Dr G Thiruvasagam, Vice Chancellor, AMET University.

In his address, Dr Jayaprakashvel, Registrar, AMET University said that sea is the first front faced by humans and the first living organism in this world evolved in the oceans. He touched upon the importance of IMO’s theme for 2016 – Shipping indispensible to the world.

Capt Sankalp Shukla, Chairman, FOSMA requested the participants to observe a minute of silence to respect the souls that the shipping industry lost due to pandemic. He thanked the families of seafarers for the support rendered by them to the seafarers to sail through the pandemic. He also said if ship is the backbone, seafarers are the central nervous system. He thanked the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) for the continued support to FOSMA, INSA, MASSA and CMMI during these difficult times.

Capt Birendra Kumar Jha, Master, The Company of Master Mariners of India said “Shipping is best mode of transportation when it comes to  cost, environment, safety and volume of trade  and recent Suez canal incident has made the world to realize that the supply chain could go for a toss even if shipping freezes for a day.”

In the technical session, Capt Yashovarman Sharma, Director, True North spoke about how technology is driving efficiency in marine supply chains. He said, “Be ready for the changes which are sure to come in the years ahead as the digital technology is changing our world to embrace Industry 4.0 technology.”

Capt Anil Kishore Singh, CEO – Dredging & Inland Waterways, Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd spoke about what goes on behind making a successful ship turn around in port. The several aspects that need to be taken into account for port planning including the factors that govern site selection and safety measures were presented vividly.

Speaking on blended and online learning environment in imparting vocational skills, Capt Ramji Krishnan, Past Director & CEO, Mundra International Container Terminal Pvt Ltd touched upon the future of learning wherein he emphasised the transition from “Term/Time based class – creation of Kuch Kuch maalim saabs to “A true master or achieving mastery Sab Kuch Maalim sab” which will happen if students have interest in education.

Capt Rengarajan, Co-Founder & Director, Torq Commodities recalled the Ever Given Suez Canal accident and its impact on world trade and how the cost implications will pass to the end user besides mentioning about the prolonged legal process/stress faced by the ship’s crew.

Capt Rahul Negi, Regional Training Manager, South Asia, & Team Lead-Safety Coach, THOME India Pvt Ltd explained Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s) and the categories into which they fall and its impact on shipping. He further emphasised that whenever technology advances it paves way for the creation of several new jobs and as long as we are competent for the new world, jobs will always be there and the arrival of autonomous ships need not be seen as threat!

Capt Shashank Jahagirdar, Director, Maersk Tankers, India began explaining how Maersk tankers is a leading player in tramp shipping industry. He motivated the cadets with his keenness towards progressive learning and said learning is an everlasting journey.

Both Capt Negi and Capt Jahagirdar appreciated the cadets for the interest and efforts taken by them to write research articles  and present the same in conference.

Capt Gajanan Karanjikar, President AIMPA shared his appreciation for AMET University and department of nautical science for organising the national conference. Emphasising that such conference give a great learning opportunity for the cadets as well as it triggers the thoughts towards contemporary issues in the mind of cadets which is the stepping stone for progressive research.

The conference came to successful culminated with the valedictory address of Mrs Sangeetha Albin Joint Registrar, AMET University wherein she appreciated the relevance of the theme and insisted the importance of shipping which needs to be heralded to the larger community by creating awareness as shipping is truly indispensible.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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