With the ongoing pandemic, most businesses have switched gears to online business and digitization, which is the future and here to stay. It's critical for the Marine Industry to have efficient and timely support to make Marine Operations seamless. “We knew that there had to be some dependability and a lot of trust because we’re working remotely across the globe. This was our motivation to launch INSHYP – a digital platform for Mariners, Suppliers, Service Providers and Consultants. We felt that this need is so great now and also well into the future not only for international shipping but in other areas of marine like offshore and ports etc,” expressed Capt Darryl Braganza, Director, INSHYP.

The INSHYP team is a very diverse but close-knit family, which is actually their strength. The team comprises of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers who have hands-on experience in shipping as well as in the ports sector; individuals who are professionals in the procurement field; and professionals who are in the digital and the analytical field. In a way, we have synergised our strengths to make INSHYP happen, Capt Braganza continued.

The ship being a vast universe by itself, it needs everything right from spares to provisions to supplies to lubes and marine support services, etc. “The INSHYP platform is built in such a way that caters to the entire requirement of the mariners, suppliers, service providers and consultants; under one roof,” articulates Mr M Maheswaran, Director, INSHYP.

On Marine Procurement, Mr Maheswaran elaborated that any Ship Manager or Master would like to see an easier platform that really simplifies his day-to-day working life. Keeping that in mind, INSHYP has been designed and developed as a one-stop platform for all Marine procurement, from verified supplies and services vendors. Thus, INSHYP ensures seamless experience for clients to complete their procurement in easy steps. It is exclusively for Marine Industry members who will be privileged to choose across 49,500+ Products and Services through validated vendors.

One of INSHYP’s main objectives is to provide advantages to both buyer and seller. While for a buyer the three important criteria are good quality product, timely deliveries and prompt responses to his/her queries; for a seller it provides global recognition, repeated orders and feedback to improve the product or service.

INSHYP’s Ship Sigma Index with apt KRIs tracks the client’s Supply/Service Spend and explores the hidden spending patterns and variances. These Analytical Insights is another key feature that provides spending insights on the procurements and suggests optimal options to save time and reduce expenses.

On INSHYP’s roadmap for the future, Capt Braganza said, “We have broken up into four phases: we intend to cover the Indian Subcontinent; then take on the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka; move towards Europe and the Far East; and finally America, of course. This way we can pace ourselves correctly to take on more loads. If something does come up from any of these areas we will definitely service them. We are working towards becoming one of the leading online supplier and services provider to global marine industry in the next five years.”


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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