Anglo-Eastern on Cruise Control : Forays into Cruise ship Management

Hong Kong-based ship manager Anglo-Eastern has made its debut in the global cruise industry, marking a significant new development for the 50-year-old company. Anglo-Eastern took part in Seatrade Cruise Global, one of the world’s largest cruise industry events, which ran for three days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The event saw more than 500 industry participants come together, including senior executives from Anglo-Eastern. The event marked the first time Anglo-Eastern had taken part in a cruise industry event since acquiring Cruise Management International and its group of companies in December 2022.

Anglo-Eastern was represented at the event by senior executives, including Sanjay Sukhrani, President and CEO of Anglo-Eastern Cruise Management Inc. (AECMI), and Dietmar Wertanzl, President and CEO of Anglo-Eastern Leisure Management Inc. (AELM). Members of the group’s executive management team also joined them from the Hong Kong and Singapore offices, including Bjorn Hojgaard, Chief Executive Officer, Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Operating Officer, and Niraj Nanda, Group Commercial Director. Together, they formally unveiled the new branding of AECMI and AELM at the event through an onsite press conference held this afternoon, followed by a celebratory dockside cocktail reception later in the evening for clients and guests.

Anglo-Eastern has long been a leading ship manager, with extensive experience in managing a range of vessel types and sizes over the decades. However, the acquisition of Cruise Management International and its group of companies last year represented a significant new move into the cruise industry. The acquisition was a strategic decision by the company to diversify its business and explore new opportunities.

Speaking at the event, Bjorn Hojgaard said, “It has long been a dream of Anglo-Eastern’s to one day join the cruise industry as a way to diversify our business, explore new opportunities, and to truly manage all types of vessels. As one of the world’s largest and longest-standing ship managers, there is a lot we can bring to the cruise industry, so this is a very exciting development for us and we are fortuitous to have been at the right place at the right time to realize our dreams with the acquisition of CMI.”

Carsten Ostenfeldt added, “Anglo-Eastern is first and foremost a ship manager, and our experience with many different types and sizes of vessels over the decades is extensive. Our commitment to excellence transcends ship type, plus we have the benefit of a fresh perspective from outside the industry. Sometimes having a new pair of eyes is what it takes to bring about further improvements, be it in safety, training, operational efficiencies, environmental compliance, or decarbonisation.”

Sanjay Sukhrani, who was recently appointed head of the cruise ship management division, agrees: “Anglo-Eastern is actively involved in all major sectors across merchant shipping and has built a strong reputation for helping its clients achieve effective cost management, compliance, and safety. Its scale and scope can provide the cruise industry with a very efficient service.”

In terms of positioning within the industry, Anglo-Eastern sees itself as a niche player, with a focus on the expedition and mid-sized cruise segments, where novelty and innovation takes precedence over mass operations. The group also sees itself as partners for larger cruise companies that wish to enter these segments.

Looking closer to home, from an individual company perspective, Dietmar Wertanzl is enthusiastic about joining Anglo-Eastern and sees many opportunities for synergies and growth. “We are now part of a much larger, stronger company and will have significantly broader scope,” he said. “Anglo-Eastern is one of the world’s leading ship managers, and we are excited to have such a strong parent with more horsepower.

Source - Anglo-Eastern press release

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