INMEX SMM 2023 Title Sponsors: Hanse Equipment Gmbh - On their expansion into India

Hanse Equipment Gmbh is the title Sponsor this year at Inmex SMM 2023. We recently caught up with Patric Plumeier, Managing Director at Hanse Equipment in Mumbai. Here is an excerpt of our conversation with Patrck on his vision and mission for Hanse Erquipment's expansion in India and the rest of Asia.


Could you please share a bit about the history of Hanse Equipment? How did it evolve into the company it is today?

Hanse Equipment started its journey in Stade, Germany in 2020, focusing on cargo securing and lifting equipment supply and warehousing. As our growth continued, we introduced Hanse Engineering to handle engineering support, fabrication and product sourcing. When the defence industry started reaching out to us with specialized needs, we found LiroTech to specifically cater to these requirements. To better serve our growing client base, we then expanded our reach by opening warehouses and offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Italy. In December 2022, we made a significant leap by establishing Hanse Equipment Private Limited in India, with the objective to service vessels calling Indian ports, as well as to support the Indian defence and logistics sectors. This journey has shaped us into the global, multifaceted company we are today.


What initially attracted you to the maritime equipment industry and specifically, to Hanse Equipment?

During my tenure in the procurement and ship chartering sector, I constantly faced challenges in sourcing top-notch lifting and lashing equipment at reasonable prices. In certain markets, despite our willingness to relax on cost, securing high-grade gear seemed impossible. This struggle inspired us to create a global network aimed at supplying superior lifting and lashing equipment at fair prices, which ultimately led me to Hanse Equipment.

Shifting focus to India, what factors led to Hanse Equipment's decision to expand its business in the region?

India is rapidly growing as a major economy and is on its way to becoming a global production hub. Recently, we observed a surge in queries from major ship operators requesting equipment for their vessels calling Indian ports.  Given this rising demand, we felt it was the right move to expand to India. Today, India isn't just another market for us; it's a crucial one. With our warehouse set up in Kochi and partnerships with local entities across different ports, we're in a prime position to offer top-notch products and services to our clients. Being close to our customers in India helps us serve them better and build strong, lasting relationships in the region.


 Could you provide your insights into the current state of India's maritime equipment industry and how Hanse fits into this landscape?

India's equipment industry currently faces a challenge: procuring high-quality, reliable cargo securing and lifting equipment at a reasonable price, especially for foreign vessels calling Indian ports. This is where Hanse steps in.

Offering top-notch products combined with unmatched service, Hanse is dedicated to raising the bar in customer satisfaction within the industry. We've set up a robust quality assurance plan tailored for the international market, ensuring that all equipment we provide meets the highest standards. Our team, comprised of skilled engineers and a diligent quality assurance group, works tirelessly to make certain that every product we supply adheres to these stringent criteria. In a market with existing gaps in quality and service, Hanse positions itself as a reliable and superior solution for the maritime needs of both domestic and international operators in India.

How do you perceive the opportunities and challenges for Hanse Equipment in the Indian market?

In the competitive Indian market, Hanse Equipment sees both challenges and opportunities. Our solid foundation and strong partnerships position us well to lead. We're focused on innovation, top-quality products, and unmatched service. With determination, we aim to set new standards and achieve success for both our company and our clients.

Your expectations from the INMEX SMM India event

Being the title partner for the SMM in India 2023 fills us with immense joy and pride. This prestigious platform provides a valuable opportunity to showcase our endeavours, demonstrate Hanse Equipment's exceptional professionalism, and highlight the wide range of services and products we offer. We are excited to engage with the audience, industry peers, and potential clients, sharing our expertise and passion for excellence. This event will undoubtedly bolster our brand presence, strengthen partnerships, and reinforce our commitment to serving the maritime sector with unparalleled dedication and innovation.

 What are some specific strategies that Hanse Equipment plans to implement in the Indian market over the next five years?

Over the next five years, our vision is to forge meaningful partnerships with numerous companies operating in the Indian market. We aspire to be more than just a conventional supplier; our goal is to become trusted allies for our clients. By actively listening to their needs and requirements, we aim to tailor our offerings and services to perfectly align with their goals. As partners, we are committed to understanding our clients' challenges and working collaboratively to provide innovative solutions. With a focus on fostering lasting relationships, we are determined to be a reliable and responsive partner, dedicated to the success of our clients in the dynamic Indian market.

What do you believe will be the key factors in ensuring Hanse's success in India?

Regardless of the location, establishing a new company demands unwavering dedication and focus. Trusting in our abilities and strengths is paramount. Whether in India, Europe, or any other part of the world, the key lies in assembling a loyal and knowledgeable team. Together, we work tirelessly to achieve success, facing challenges head-on and driving towards our goals. With a clear vision and a united effort, we can navigate the complexities of building a new venture and create a foundation for long-term prosperity. The journey may be challenging, but by staying committed and fostering a collaborative spirit, we can overcome obstacles and make our mark on the global stage.


How do you think Hanse's products, like wire ropes, shackles, slings, and webbings will be received by the Indian market?

The demand for our products is already well-established, now we are setting the stage for our growth. By prioritizing high-quality products and services, we are poised to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our commitment to quality and excellence positions us as a preferred choice in the market, enabling us to cater to the discerning needs of our valued clientele.

Lastly, in your role as Managing Director, how do you plan to maintain a strong connection between the German headquarters and the Indian operations?

Our India team, led by Naval Architects, Nikhil Mathew and Arun Joseph, is the backbone of our operations in the region. With strong communication and collaboration, we maintain close contact on a daily basis, ensuring efficient coordination and smooth workflow. Recognizing the value of in-person engagement, I regularly travel to India to provide training and foster the professional development of our team. Together, we are committed to enhancing the company's growth and success in India, leveraging our collective expertise to achieve our shared goals. Our cohesive efforts and dedication create a dynamic environment that empowers our team to excel and drive our company forward


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