Shipdex Redoubles Efforts to Propel the Maritime Industry into the 21st Century

There’s increasing need from maritime companies to get accurate maintenance data and maintenance instructions from one system to another.  From the suppliers’ systems (how to operate and maintain the product, job instructions, spare parts catalogues, etc.), to shipyards’ and shipowners’ systems, to vessel performance optimisation systems, so to keep ship systems in top performing condition.

In addition, collection of in-service data feedback is one of the most important functions of in-service support. It enables fleet and support managers and technical system manufacturers to perform a thorough analysis of operation and maintenance performance, as well as to improve the global support service.

Shipdex Protocol allows the best data exchange and integration within manufacturers, shipyards, end users and every other maritime organization. The final goal is to improve the whole Life Cycle Management for products’ longer and cheaper life

 Source: ShipDex Website and press release

In a continuous commitment during its 15th anniversary celebration, Shipdex is redoubling its efforts to propel the shipping industry forward. Among these efforts is the establishment of an internal think tank, set to launch by the end of the year, open to high-level figures in the maritime industry. Shipdex is also focusing on spreading vital information about the benefits of its Protocols through active participation in industry events and cultivating high-level contacts. Recent engagements underscore Shipdex dedication to advancing the digital transformation of the maritime sector and prioritizing green initiatives.

Shipdex Secretary General recently participated in the prestigious European Shipping Summit, held last week in Brussels. This summit prominently addressed the maritime industry’s environmental sustainability goals, bringing together influential figures from various maritime sectors. Key topics, including decarbonization and green transition, were discussed, highlighting Shipdex commitment to advancing the industry’s green agenda.

Additionally, the Shipdex Secretary General attended the S5000F Steering Committee Meeting in Brussels during the same period. The Shipdex Protocols, developed based on aerospace industry standards, continue to evolve to align with the maritime industry’s digitalization objectives. This meeting, held from September 19th to 21st, serves as a source of inspiration for developing maritime protocols, drawing insights from the aerospace industry’s achievements. It aimed to harness the lessons learned from aerospace and apply them to the evolving needs of the maritime sector, making the protocols even more effective in facilitating the industry’s digitalization journey.

With these ongoing efforts, Shipdex is also due to participate in several upcoming events pivotal in shaping the maritime landscape. These include the Maritime Cyprus Conference and the CSN ICT Conference in Cyprus in October. It’s worth noting that Shipdex Executive Member MAN ES and Shipdex registered member Issel Nord will be attending as speakers. Shipdex Secretary General and Technical Manager will take part in the Panel discussion titled “How AI can be used to transform the way businesses operate”.

Their presence underscores the importance of recent contacts with IT and software developers in the maritime industry, including a significant proposal linked to Shipdex 15th anniversary celebration. The upcoming challenges facing the industry necessitate a unifying protocol like Shipdex to achieve goals that go beyond the capabilities of individual companies, even industry giants such as Maersk or MSC.

A collective effort towards industry-wide objectives can only be realized with an open, non-proprietary protocol like Shipdex. The Japanese industry is already moving fast towards digitalization and standardization. Shipdex is ready and available to support advancements in the European and global maritime industry.

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