Dr Deepti Mankad receives Glass Ceiling Award 2021

Founder of Mindspeak and a Professional Development Trainer and Consultant, Dr Deepti Mankad received the Glass Ceiling Award for 2021 on March 20th for her dedication and hard-work in the maritime industry. She belongs to a seafarer’s family where she has been executing maritime training, coaching and assessment for seafarers over 10 years now.

She has been appointed as the Regional Head by Sailors’ Society UK for the Wellness at Sea program for seafarers. She conducts workshops on Mental Health and Psychological First Aid for Seafarers and provides counselling services for seafarers and their families.

In an exclusive conversation, Dr Mankad shares her experience on receiving the award and expectations from fellow entrepreneurs/professionals.

Congratulations! What is the first emotion that comes to your mind with the award in your hand?

 I am extremely happy to receive this award. This award has been judged by esteemed women and is for women achievers from all fields. I feel it is a great achievement for me, to be selected from over 800+ entries. I am all the more content that this award has been bestowed upon me for my work in the maritime industry. I feel putting in more than a decade in this industry and today getting recognized as a change agent for seafarers is an overwhelming feeling.

Please enlighten us on the Glass Ceiling Award…

The Glass Ceiling Awards is a prestigious honour that recognizes extraordinary women who have made a significant impact in their Business, Profession or Community. These awards are organised by Women’s League Foundation wherein they include women achievers from the field of art and culture, corporate change agent, education, entrepreneur, environment and sustainability, health, human rights and inclusion, regional community, science & technology, young leader, media, real estate, infrastructure, sports, public services, professionals and women supporting online communities.

Every year entries are invited and the jury members study and select the nominees under different category.

What message you would give to women entrepreneurs/professionals?

I feel it is not about gender. It is about our intellect which takes us further. It is also about having the fire within you which will take you towards your dreams. As Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of all their dreams.”

When I started in the Marine Industry which is said to be a male dominated sector, I had to work hard to make my niche and get acknowledged for my work. But one thing which I learnt in the past 10 years is that my gender does not define my ability and competence. I am proud to be a woman and feel blessed to be who I am.

So to all the Women Entrepreneurs and professionals my only message is that we can achieve whatever we wish to, the road will not be easy but it is surely achievable.

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. 


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