Aderco conferred with Green4Sea 2021 Clean Shipping Award

Aderco International, the authoritative source when it comes to fuel treatment technology was conferred the Green4Sea 2021 Clean Shipping Award, held virtually on 21st April.

Cleanliness is an important criterion for an environmentally friendly vessel operation. Aderco was bestowed the Green4Sea prestigious award for its contribution towards cleaner shipping and for driving innovation to enhance the performance of energy transition.

“Environmental sustainability is one of the key topics and issues that Aderco endeavours to address, both internally and externally,” said Mr Olivier Baiwir, CEO, Aderco, the specialist fuel treatment technology company.

“The entire Aderco team are absolutely thrilled to have won the Green4Sea 2021 Clean Shipping Award which means so much to us. Since its inception for the past 40 years, Aderco has continuously contributed towards cleaner shipping. Fuel remains an essential part of global trade and logistics and will likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Our ambition is to fully support these industries, including the use of bio-fuels, whilst striving for greater sustainability and environmental security,” he continued.

In 1981, Aderco commenced designing and formulating fuel treatment solutions in order to improve fuel efficiency, operational reliability and the environmental profile of the North American icebreaker fleet. Since 2012, in mastering the organic surfactant technology and through extensive research and development, they have continuously improved their green and sustainable surfactant knowledge, overcoming fuel issues with great success and, in doing so, the company has addressed evolving technologies for the entire shipping industry.

Today, Aderco is very much a forward-thinking company, consistently driving innovation to enhance the performance of energy transition in both the shipping and inland. Their unique organic fuel treatment technology delivers holistic, end-to-end solutions providing optimum results in terms of efficiency, economy and, above all, the environment.

Without exception, all Aderco products are environmentally friendly. Their fully organic products are the benchmark of next-generation fuel treatments and, combined with the continuous advancement in research, each of its solutions are effective, safe and directly support the international movement towards cleaner fuel, the end result clearly being the all-important reduction in CO2 emissions.

“The Aderco technology provides proven and clear returns for our customers in terms of reducing operational costs, through the reduction of fuel consumption, optimizing fuel combustion and preventing unscheduled downtime, as well as protecting machinery and equipment, thereby ensuring capital expenditure is kept well under control,” concluded Mr Baiwir.

The company was rightfully awarded for its belief that it is possible to make meaningful progress to reduce global emissions whilst embracing the power of optimized fuel-based energy.

The Green4Sea Award is a standardised mark of recognizing industry’s outstanding practices for Sustainability, Clean Shipping, Initiative, Technology, Tanker Operator, Dry Bulk Operator and Personality.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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